Temitope Blessing Omojola

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Thank you for the wonderful and unforgettable experience. I positively enjoyed every minute I spent studying and gaining more of an insight into the world of photography.

I would like to recognize the effort from my tutor Mr Steve, for his amazing and outstanding remarks, on each Module of the course.

The course has helped me to develop and become more creative. It has strengthened my belief in myself. I feel like I'm one step closer to achieving my goals.

When people around me commented on the changes and effort in my work, it felt great that I had dedicated this time to studying.

Thank you Mr George for making a wonderful use of your gift to teach and build life.

Rana Khaddaj


This course has taught me so much about photography. Reading the modules and working on the assignments was great.

My tutor has been very helpful throughout this experience and he gave really good feedback on all of my assignments. The student support team has also been helpful from the very beginning.

This course as a whole has been such a great experience and I enjoyed every second of it. I would recommend this course to anyone who has an interest in photography.

Fatima Khalid Farid


I had been a hobbyist for 6 years and finally decided to professionally enter the field of Visual Arts but first I needed an understanding of the technical aspects involved, industry infrastructure basics, along with a touch of history of photography, to build a strong foundation on which to build my career. So I set out towards finding myself a reputable Institute which was one daunting task!

In this day in age, the academic/vocational education market is flooded with photography courses of all sorts, and managing to find an affordable, deeply informative and thoroughly professional Diploma Program was no easy task. However, the solution came, to me, in form of The Photography Institute; with help of a highly knowledgeable & extremely supportive tutor, I was able to embark upon my journey towards becoming a Professional in the field of Photography & Post Production. I couldn't have been happier and more satisfied with my choice in the program.

Not only have I gained skills & confidence with every module that I passed, I am already starting to comprehend my strengths better and am able to take informed decisions in what direction to move forward and what niche best suits my style and skill set.

A great Chinese Philosopher Lao Tzu said "The Journey of a thousand miles begins with one step" and years from now when I look back I shall be ever grateful and proud that The Photography Institute was my stepping stone to realizing one of my life's fondest desires...to share a part of me with the world and build a career for myself doing what I love - Photography! Thank you PI.


Muhammad Isa Bin Mohyi Hapipi

Abu Dhabi

As I didn't have much time to sit down in a class to listen to lectures, this course really helped me out with that. In the beginning, I didn't think I could benefit much from an online course. But the interaction between me and the tutor really made a difference. It was easy to communicate with my tutor, not only module's related, but photography as a whole.

My friends and family said they can really see me grow as a photographer since taking this course. I'm now thinking of how to market myself, rather then just taking photos.

For those of you who really love photography and want to learn more, but have limited time, this course will work for you. Trust me, it did work for me. So go ahead, sign up, you will look at photography in a totally new angle, or should I say, you will look at light in a new way. As they said, photography, is painting with lights.

I would really like to thank everyone who made this course possible.

Nur Anwati


The Photography Institute's Online Professional Photography Course has been an immense challenge and inspiration to me.

I have seen my photography skills improve dramatically over the duration of the course along with my confidence and knowledge too.

I thoroughly enjoyed the personal tone of each of the modules and the comprehensive assignments - although challenging, they were always applicable. The criticism and feedback from the tutors was fair and honest and I learned just as much from them as I did the modules throughout.

It's a well rounded and informative course that is very enjoyable. The Professional Photography Course has turned a passion of mine into a skill for my new career.

Kenneth Chan

Ash Shāriqah

I love art and creativity, and this course has provided me with a well-planned steer toward becoming a better photographer. I would like to thank George for sharing his professional knowledge and the helpful support team for making this journey such a pleasant learning experience.

The course has a myriad of articles and engaging activities from understanding exposure, creative techniques for composing different types of photos, to interesting assignments that put what you learn into practice. Speaking from experience, things just get better each step of the way with the culmination of earning the Diploma.

On top of that, assignment feedback provided by George has been both insightful (based on his personal experience) and encouraging. The thing I find that sets this course apart from the rest, is the personal mentorship along the way and the genuineness with which everyone at PI brings demonstrates.

Thank you once again to the team at PI for a job well done and making this so worthwhile. I highly recommend this course to any keen photographer.

Douglas Ng Swee Siong


This is a course that I would strongly recommend to anyone and everyone who likes to capture moments in their lives through a lens.

I like photography as a hobby and even after searching for hours for more information on the internet about photography, I found there were no proper guidelines and the information was very confusing. After I took up this course I was suddenly back on track, everything was covered comprehensively in this course.

My tutor was fast in response and very professional in his guidance, it was great to work with an industry professional.

Thank you PI and all the staff who have helped me achieve my goals.

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